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Animal habitats is a good game

student aged 5 - 8 - 28/05/10


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This site provides a variety of interactive resources that will help you understand and learn science topics.

For those aged 14-19 the topics are mainly biology related, but there are a wider range of science topics covered for younger students.

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New and updated topics are added to this site at regular intervals. The newest resources to look out for are on the Nervous System, Cloning, Genetic Engineering and PCR. All animations have been converted into HTML5 so the site is fully accessible on iPads.

Cloned sheep

A variety of science based games are available on the site

Rabbits need food and water to grow and reproduce. In this game you can control the temperature and how much food and moisture is available to see what happens. Try adding a few foxes and see what difference it makes...


Where can these subjects can lead you to in the exciting world of discovering medicines? There are endless opportunities for you to explore and find which may suit you best. 

Dear ABPI Resources for Schools,

I have found all the quizzes very useful, is this a school’s website?

We’re glad you’ve found our website so helpful. No, we’re not a school. The ABPI of ‘ABPI Resources for Schools’ stands for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry; ABPI support school science by providing this free website for teachers and students to use.

All of the information on the website has been written with input directly from both teachers and research scientists. The information provided is highly relevant to the subjects you are taught in school or college.