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This poster is a great resource. I hope my year 10s will print it off and put it up on their bedroom wall to revise for the exam in June!

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Free science teaching and learning resources

Over 40,000 teachers and students use this site every month. Teachers can use the high quality animations and diagrams to display full screen size on their interactive whiteboard, or even download for inclusion in their lesson plans.

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Interactive resources on this site apply the science taught in schools to its use in the workplace and, particularly, to the treatment of disease. Materials cover topics within the school curriculum from primary through to post-16, with information, animations and ‘test yourself’ quizzes.

Biological GCSE topics covered include:
Genes and inheritance
Heart and circulation

Some of the content is useful in other areas of the curriculum, including History, PE and Health & Social Care.

A full list of the topics covered in the interactive resources for all ages is available.

Resource Library

The Resource Library allows you to search for animations, diagrams, posters and worksheets on a wide variety of topics to use in your teaching.They can be downloaded for use offline by teachers and students in educational settings as stated in the terms and conditions for the resource library.

The information on Curriculum Links for each Interactive Content Topic is continually updated to keep abreast of ongoing curriculum changes in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


ABPI Publications can be ordered through our main website. No charge is made for publications but there may be restrictions for non-UK orders and on the number that may be ordered. Some publications have been created specifically for use in schools and colleges, others are for a more general readership.

We have compiled a series of Useful Links to other websites supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

Questionnaire and Contact Us

Please use the Teachers' Questionnaire to feedback on how you feel about the new website. You can also Contact Us if there are any additional comments and suggestions you would like to make. We are always open to new ideas and ways that we can improve this site for you and your students. You can also use this to register for updates and news on new study resources.

If you have found any of our resources useful and would like to leave a review, visit the Guardian Teacher Network or the Times Educational Supplement where you can search for a particular resource from ABPI Schools.
Biology in the Real World: Biologists today and tomorrow

Every year the ABPI contributes to a day of biology talks at the Association for Science Education conference. Topics covered in the programme were chosen to complement various areas of the GCSE and A level specifications. Click here to access the talks from previous conferences.

Careers website
Click here for a comprehensive source of information on careers in the pharmaceutical industry

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