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A list of often difficult or specialised words with their definitions.


The main organ of the central nervous system made up mainly of grey matter


The basic unit from which all living organisms are built up, consisting of a cell membrane surrounding cytoplasm and a nucleus.


Cells are the building blocks of us. They come together to make us who we are, and there are an estimated 70 trillion cells in the average person!

Cells form who we are. From the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet, cells make up every single part of us. All our organs and bones are formed of different kinds of cells, all of which are great at doing the particular job they are meant for. Cells in the heart are specialised to keep your heart beating, while brain cells make sure the body keeps moving correctly.

Cells aren’t just limited to animals, plants are also made up of cells. There are some fundamental differences between animal cells and plant cells, as they have adapted for different environments.

This resource will help to explain what cells are, how they come together to help form who we are, and the differences between cells in animals, and cells in plants.


Both animals and plants are made up of cells.

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