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A hormone produced by the pancreas. It allows cells in the body to take in and store glucose.

Immobilised enzymes

It is possible to attach enzymes to small bead made of alginate.  Enzymes that have been fixed in this way are called immobilised enzymes.  Immobilised enzymes are widely used in industry because it allows the reaction to flow continuously and the product will not be contaminated with the enzyme so will not need to be purified.

Uses of immobilised enzymes

  • Immobilised enzymes are used in the production of lactose free milk for people who are lactose intolerant.

diagram showing use of immobilised enzymes to remove lactose from milk

  • Immobilised sucrase can be used to convert sucrose into the much sweeter glucose and fructose to sweeten low calorie foods.
  • Immobilised enzymes are used in glucose testing strips to measure glucose levels for diabetics. You can learn about how these are used by diabetics to help them control the level of insulin in their body in Controlling blood glucose.