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Quiz - Timeline

1. Drag the scientists and their discovery to the correct date

Ignaz Semmelweiss
Developed the germ theory of disease
Edward Jenner
Introduced hand washing to prevent the spread of infection between doctors and patients
Joseph Lister
Carried out the first successful vaccination against smallpox
Louis Pasteur
Discovered penicillin
Alexander Fleming
Developed the use of antiseptics in surgery
Date Scientist Discovery

2. Penicillin is now only one of many antibiotics used to treat disease. Which of the following are reasons why so many are required?

Statement True False
Penicillin does not kill all bacteria
Penicillin does not kill viruses
Penicillin is not available in large enough quantities to use for all infections
Some bacteria are resistant to penicillin
Other antibiotics are cheaper than penicillin

3. Select the correct answer from the multi-choices. When you have answered all 4 questions you may check your answers by clicking the button below.


Why aren’t people vaccinated against smallpox today?


What is the germ theory of disease?


The first person to carry out a successful vaccination against smallpox was


The germ theory of disease was proved by

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