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Good Manufacturing Practice

Manufacturing and testing a product using an agreed set of procedures to help ensure the product is of a consistent high quality


A list of often difficult or specialised words with their definitions.

Lab & pilot plant tours

Take a virtual tour of the areas where chemists work. The chemistry laboratories do initial research and the pilot plant is involved in making pharmaceutical products on a large scale. Key equipment and activities are highlighted.

Lab & pilot plant tours A number of applied school science courses recommend that students should make a site visit to some aspect of the chemical industry. Such visits are often difficult to organise and some areas are almost impossible to get access to. Major constraints on organising visits to laboratories, pilot plants or production sites are time, space, safety and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Visitors are prohibited in some areas when active large scale chemistry is underway and therefore planning visits weeks in advance becomes impracticable.

To support the needs of applied science courses and some A-level chemistry courses, virtual visits of the chemistry laboratories and pilot plant on a pharmaceutical company site have been created.

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There are a number of interactive features in this e-source:

  • A glossary of terms: any word with a glossary entry is highlighted like this. Moving the mouse over the highlighted word will show a definition of that word.
  • Quick questions: at the end of most pages or sections there is a question or set of quick questions to test your understanding.
  • Animations: most of the animations can be expanded to full screen size, ideal for showing on an interactive whiteboard. The animations will play all the way through or can be viewed one section at a time.
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