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Medicines to treat disease

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Teacher information

Ideas for using the various resources

The posters, stories about infectious diseases and their treatment, animations showing what happens to medicines in the body, and information about legal and illegal drugs can be used separately, or together to provide a series of lessons on the topic.

The posters provide useful background information on medicines and their safe use. They provide an opportunity for a full discussion about the safety of medicines, and the fact that, although medicines make us feel better, help us get better, or keep us well, if they are taken in the wrong way or by the wrong person they can be very dangerous indeed.

Depending on the class, individual groups of pupils could make individual posters to accompany the main safety poster highlighting particular safety issues, or the class could plan a simple assembly or presentation which could then be given to younger children.
These animations demonstrate the absorption of medicines and drugs into the blood, and the way they travel round the body to reach all organs.