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Topic last updated: 25 Oct 2023
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Global warming key words

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Key words

Renewable: Renewable energy is energy that can be made as quickly as it is used. This includes solar power and wind power.  

Non-renewable: Non-renewable energy sources cannot be replaced as quickly as they are used. This includes the fossil fuels.  

Energy: Power which is generated from renewable or non-renewable sources.  

Sustainable: If something is sustainable, it never runs out. Renewable energy sources are sustainable.  

Carbon footprint: The amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere by a person or an organization. People and companies are now trying to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Net zero: To achieve net zero, the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere must balance with the amount of greenhouse gas removed from the atmosphere.  

Fuels: Something which can be burned to produce energy. 

Electricity: Energy that can be converted into other types of energy, such as heat, light, sound or movement. Used to power electrical items.   

Solar: Solar energy is generated through the light from the sun. Solar panels are used to absorb the light.  

Wind turbines: Wind turbines use the wind for energy. The wind is used to turn the turbines and this allows electrical energy to be generated. 

Climate: The climate is the temperature in one place over a long period of time. Every part of the Earth has a different climate.  

Temperature: A measurement of how warm or cold a place or an object is.  


Can you help Ellie the Climate Champion find all 10 global warming key words in the wordsearch? 

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Global warming wordsearch

Global warming wordsearch