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Topic last updated: 25 Oct 2023
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Managing climate anxiety

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Climate anxiety resources

Educating young people about global warming and climate change will play a critical role in shaping the future of the planet.

Climate education is also especially important with the move towards green careers, as young people should have the opportunity to leave school equipped for employment in a changing career landscape.

However, the threat of the climate crises can be anxiety inducing for young people. The Royal College of Psychiatrists state that 57% of child and adolescent psychiatrists in England are seeing climate distress in young people, and both educators and parents need to be cautious of this when educating on the topic.

Children do need to hear the reality of the crises that we are facing, but in an action based, optimistic way that won’t induce anxiety and helplessness.

The below resource from The Royal College of Psychiatrists provides some suggestions on how to navigate this challenge, so that educators can ensure that young people leave school with the knowledge and skills to make a change.