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Plant reproduction

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Climate change and pollination

Climate change means that the population of bees and other pollinators is declining.  

There are a few reasons for this. One reason is that the increased temperatures make the plants smell differently, so the bees cannot find their way to the plants. There are also infections that can make bees ill, which is likely due to global warming and the rise in temperatures.  

But without bees, there will be no plants. This would affect the food chain as animals which eat the plants will have no food. Human food security would also be an issue as no pollination means no fruits, and because food chain alterations will have an impact on human diets too.  

You can help by planting wildflowers for bees to live in. Or, if you see a weak bee struggling to fly, you can ask an adult to offer it surgary water on a spoon as this might make it stronger. Remember to take caution though as bees can sting. For example, place the spoon down next to the bee and then step away to allow it to take the water and fly away.  

Discussion point

The number of bees (and other pollinating insects) is declining due to human activity. Think of ways that you can help, and discuss.