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Climate change, plants and trees

Climate change means that some plants and trees get too hot to grow. For example, trees in forests which have leaves in direct sunlight can get too hot, meaning that their leaves die.  

A plant or tree needs their leaves to make food. So, if their leaves die, this can put the plant or tree at risk.  

Climate change can mean that plants and trees cannot get the right amount of water they need either. For example, long droughts can leave plants without water, causing the plant to die. Droughts are becoming more common due to climate change, affecting plant biodiversity.

This could mean that the whole plant or tree dies as the conditions aren’t right. Therefore, any animals who rely on it as a home or for food will also be affected.  

Hot leaves

Cress growing experiment

Complete the cress growing experiment below to see how plants need water to grow! Think about how climate change will have an impact on plants due to water availability. 

Cress growing experiment