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Safety at work

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Safety at work

Scientific work uses many hazardous materials or processes. However there are very few accidents due to the risk assessments used to control these hazards.

This module investigates how safe working is encouraged in industrial laboratories.

Safety signs tour

Scientists in industry work with many hazardous substances and carry out hazardous operations. To make sure that there are no accidents, the scientists do risk assessments to make sure that they work safely. A hazard is something with the potential to cause harm. The risk is the likelihood and the consequences of that hazard happening. One way of making the workplace safer is to use safety signs.

There are lots of safety signs in industrial laboratories and corridors. These slides act as a virtual tour and give you the chance to see them and to find out more about them by considering the questions posed.

Take a look at these slides and explore the safety signs found within industrial laboratories and corridors.